Seal-Tite® is based in Louisiana, USA; however we have locations all over the world to better assist you. Seal-Tite’s repair specialists can assist you with any type of leak, including high pressure leak repairs. We offer assistance for even the most complex situation including subsea connection, casing & tubing hanger, control line, flowline, microannulus, packer, production tubing, safety valve, salt dome storage cavern, sustained casing pressure, umbilical and wellhead leaks. Contact our leak repair specialists at Seal-Tite® today for further information or questions regarding our leak repair products for any type of leak, including high pressure leak repairs


Seal-Tite® International ( Head Office )
500 Deer Cross Dr.
Madisonville, LA 70447

Barry Ellis
Tel: (985) 875-1292
Fax: (985) 875-0687

Seal-Tite® International (Sales Office)
Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
Tel: 1-888-674-3385
Vernon Chagnard
Mob: 504-491-0800
Bob Taylor
Mob: 504-390-3656

Seal-Tite® Africa
Kenny McAllister
Tel: 44-1224-773838
Mob: 44-(0)7947-818636 

Seal-Tite® Argentina
Gabino Lockwood
Tel: 54-299-4413-782 / 785 / 855
Mob: 54-9299-5-800459

Seal-Tite® Australia
Mark Liesegang
Tel: 08-9470-5070, 61-8-94705070
Mob: 61-418932625

Seal-Tite® Brazil
Joaquim Videira
Tel: 55-22-2764-8290
Mob: 55-21-8138-1539

Seal-Tite® Brunei
Zax Mahmud

Tel: 673-322-2299 Ext: 818
Mob: 673-883-3743

Seal-Tite® Canada
Kevin Montpetit
Tel: 780-348-5278
Mob: 1-780-349-1040

Seal-Tite® China
Don Shewchenko
Tel: 86-755-2688-5379
Mob: 86-135-2033-3991

Seal-Tite® Europe
Theo Rijper
Tel: 31-252531772
Mob: 31-615032448

Seal-Tite® India
Ola-Peter Tollefsen
Tel: 91-22-2660-8780
Mob: 91-98-2007-8280


Seal-Tite® Indonesia
Jack Calcote

Tel: 6227-78833088, 6221-78841360
Mob: 62-818191932

Seal-Tite® Italy
Beppe Roderi
Tel: 39-0373-615000
Mob: 39-3482-714287

Seal-Tite® Malaysia & Asia Pacific
Fayza Hasan
36th Floor Maxis Tower
KLCC 50088
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2615 0026
Fax 603-2615 0029
Mob: 601-2305-3432, 601-2324-2364

Seal-Tite® Mexico
Bill Hewitt

Tel: 52-938-118-2913
Mob: 52-1938-150-1126

Seal-Tite® Middle East
Ammar Al-Qaissy 

Tel:(971) 050-646-5540

Seal-Tite® Nigeria
Kenny McAllister
Tel: 44-1224-773838
Mob: 44-(0)7947-818636 

Seal-Tite® Norway
Theo Rijper
Tel: 47-971-78-871
Mob: 31-615032448

Seal-Tite® UK
Aberdeen, Scotland
Kenny McAllister
Tel: 44-1224-773838
Mob: 44-(0)7947-818636